Open a new bug against mobile- broadband- provider info reporting the problem and and don’t forget to specify providers affected. It’s not working stable. Karmic is not recognizing the E shows up on desktop. Bruno Cunha brunoscunha wrote on However, it’s a lot less bad than what we had before. It is working on XP and older Ubuntu.

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Getting each to connect is again pain. Sorry for the last post.

The modem worked on first connection, both the USB memory part and ubunti modem showed up – the modem had been configured already previously on Jaunty so no configuration was needed now. With the backports kernel, and the E productIDswitches to C when in modem modeit still doesn’t work. But even if you enter the correct password at this point, it doesn’t seem to help.

[ubuntu-it] Problema con Huawei E

Any other information ill happily provide. Bug Watch Updater bug-watch-updater on Everything seems to work, but it will not connect to hyawei network if it was plugged in when the system booted. The last time it works was when I have 2. I have Fujitsu-Siemens desktop about 5 years old with E dongle by Vodafone.

You can keep a bookmark to https: The updated metapackages should be available soon. After several attempts at workaround, I’ve decided to wait huaweu Ubuntu to fix this problem, and use my pay-as-you-go back for on-road connectivity. B even if the last portion of this short number is not displayed in the Data Manager software on Windows and this seems to work now also with the currently released kernel of Karmic 2.


Huawei E1692 On Linux HOWTO

The E problem seems to be persisting with me. So I find Ubuntu one of the best distributions out there and I would like huaaei thank all who helped out here very much. I see my ISP, am able to click it, and nothing more. Having an official workaround would be great for users who can implement it and run update to get the latest fix.

I can actually open the disk in Nautilus and browse the content. Ubintu scsi generic sg3 type 0 [ It has a working hwactivator, and a nice application – now all I need to do is to get it to use my speakers and mic to do voice calls, as it seems to support them.

[ubuntu-it] Problema con Huawei E1692

I tried Knetworkmanager, Gnome Network-Manager and umtsmon. Alan’s pretty responsive and found the problem with the E pretty quickly from my logs.

It pulls in the Hyawei 2. The Huawei modem with a certain firmware it seems claims to support a certain sense data format, but does not do so.


Forum Ubuntu-it • [Internet] Problemi con la chiavetta internet huawei e con ubuntu

Mon Sep 21 Not guawei one from Phuah Yee Keat my modem is differentbut one from a german site – the E firmware applies for my E too, even if the productID is different and stays different after the upgrade. I only still notice mounting of the drive which I don’t bother whether it’s mounted or not.

Discussion is mostly w1692 on lkml but we’ll keep http: I would also like to try the fix as it seems I am the only one here with a G.

Just found a workaround I also mentioned that in comment but I can understand if you didn’t read through all of them. Declined for Hardy by Jeremy Foshee.

If I’d performed a fresh install over my Jaunty or upgraded to Karmic I’d have been left up the creek. Fifth attempt log5d Sixth attempt log5e logged in a separate session before login – anyway did not work with the modem plugged in before login. That is very interesting.

It’ll be closed when it goes to -updates.