This is one reason why many golfers hit a hybrid longer that has the same length and same loft as an iron. I play a 48 inch Cobra Long Tom driver and my driving distance and accuracy has improved enough now for me to solely use the Long Tom. Originally Posted by Chieflongtee. This is one of the areas that measuring the Moment of Inertia of the whole assembled golf club can do a little better job of duplicating HEFT in two clubs of different length or of different shaft weight. As you can see I am trying to make this to sound as soft as I can while presenting an argument here since I actually have gone through the experience. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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But wait, we also went a step further. Loss of ego When you play for 50 years, and break 80 twice, you finally lose your ego. On the course, I would grip down an inch and hit it well because I found that with the standard length, the shots were less accurate.

It takes g to make 1 point of difference. Swing over the top, or outside in Swing with more of a downward angle of attack Release the club too early From this can come more off center hits and a higher level of shot inconsistency, all of which can adversely affect shot distance. Is choking down on the club good or bad?

MGS Labs – Is Longer Really Longer?

Something else to bear in mind is how far down the shaft you grip normally. Theoretically, choking down could produce the same result.


We do a fitting for every iron set or wedge sold. I agree with your conclusion that MOI matching is superior to Swingweight matching.

Using this method, I have gotten great results—Every club in the bag from the driver to the lob wedge feel gold the same, they all have the proper varying-kick points because all of the clubheads have incrimental hedweight, and they all perform wonderfully!

I hit a high ball as it is, except for the fact that I can smash my 3 wood and the trajectory is piercing and at the angle I would desire for my driver. As you can see I am headweighy to make this to sound as soft as I can while presenting an argument here since I actually have gone through the experience.

Maybe with the long shaft I had to swing smooth or the shaft just works for me…No clue but it works for me. It can get a bit complicated.

Technical Tips

gold I too get tired of all the self promoting You Tube wannabe stars out there. With length and proper shaft comes club head speed.

Maybe for another analysis some other time. I have been at this experiment for now many rounds and all i can say is I am loving the set-up.

Building a ” driver, ?’s

From losing an inch or two off the shaft? In short, if the golfer can swing a driver with a heavier headweight the same speed they can swing a driver with a lighter headweight, the shot hit with the heavier clubhead will have a higher ball speed and fly farther.

But I found that the act of choking up on a golf club had the same psychological effect that choking up on a baseball bat had. I was already planning on chopping i, but I was on the launch monitor at Golftown and they said my numbers were good with my driver set to 10 degree.


Tony believes that golfers deserve to know what’s real and what’s not, and that means MyGolfSpy’s equipment coverage must extend beyond the so-called facts as dictated by the same companies that created them.

headweught But swingweight matching has been around since the s and it is still the method of club matching used by all the companies that make clubs to be sold in retail golf stores and pro shops. BrandonG2 35 years old.

Golv Evans 7 years ago. Use hybrids or fairway woods up to that loft, and then irons from that point down. Use lead tape always when you cut down a club. Greatly appreciate your comments. A couple technical notes: Yes, provided you hit the center of the club face with the same consistency.

What will change as a result is the swing weight. Tom Wishon June 7, How much weight would i need to add to the need to return to D5? You are one of the lucky ones holf.

It is typically only when irons are made more than an inch different in length for a golfer that visible increases in headwelght distance for the same iron loft occur.